No matter your age, health or the amount of property you own, it may be important to consider making an estate plan. This involves preparing a plan to carry out your wishes regarding the management and settlement of your property and affairs before or after your death. Estate planning gives you the opportunity to take a proactive approach, protecting your assets from taxes and distributing your property as you see fit. You can make sure your wishes are carried out to the letter. Estate planning may involve drafting and signing a Last Will and Testament, setting up trusts and establishing a power of attorney. You may also be interested in creating a living will, which will help you dictate what’s to be done if you’re seriously injured or ill and are unable to make decisions for yourself. No one wants to assume that the worst will happen, but planning for the future can bring you much-needed peace of mind in knowing that your wishes will be carried out and your loved ones taken care of. For insight regarding your particular estate planning needs, contact an attorney through our website.