Probate & Estate Planning Lawyers in California

Estate planning is an invaluable legal process that enables a person to decide how and by whom their assets will be managed and distributed after their death. An estate plan can be beneficial whether the individual's estate is small or large, as it determines who will control their assets and make personal and health care decisions for them if they are ever unable to do so during their life. Estate planning is also a way for a person to care for their loved ones after death and ensure their treasured assets and properties are properly distributed. Probate is the court-supervised process of transferring the deceased individual's assets to those designated as beneficiaries. The executor chosen by the deceased person in their estate plan will be in charge of paying off any debts, controlling the assets, and then distributing the remainder of the estate to beneficiaries with the court's approval. A skilled attorney can be of tremendous benefit to you in creating an estate plan or if you have been named the executor of a loved one's estate. You should be confident that your legal counselor is experienced in the many areas of probate and estate planning law and that he or she will provide you with nothing less than the attentive and knowledgeable representation this matter needs. When seeking a lawyer to assist you in planning and caring for your loved ones and assets, settle for nothing less than the skilled and seasoned legal counsel you deserve.

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