Probate & Estate Planning Lawyers in Connecticut

Estate planning and probate are legal processes that deal with an individual's estate and how their assets will be distributed after their death. An estate plan appoints an executor who will be responsible for distributing the individual's assets to their designated beneficiaries after their death, and also determines who will make personal and medical choices for the individual should they no longer be able to make these decisions. Having an estate plan allows a person to plan for the care of their loved ones and treasured assets after their death, and is beneficial no matter the size of their estate. Probate is supervised by the court and involves the executor taking charge of the deceased's assets, repaying their debts, and, with the approval of the court, distributing the remainder of the estate to the designated beneficiaries. The executor is responsible for carrying out the deceased's wishes as instructed in the estate plan and allocating the assets to all chosen beneficiaries. Whether you are planning your estate or are the executor for a loved one's estate, having a knowledgeable attorney on your side can be of great assistance. Your lawyer can help you understand the law and your options to plan for your future or assist you in carrying out the wishes of a loved one who has passed. You should be represented by an experienced, proven, and dedicated legal counselor who will provide the seasoned guidance you deserve.

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