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G. Gene Thompson, Attorney at Law

Creek County Estate Planning Attorney
Are you an elderly resident of Creek County or did your relative recently pass away? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you will most likely need the assistance of a local estate planning/probate attorney. Before you die, it is imperative you establish an estate plan. An estate plan helps set in stone who you want to leave your assets to, how you wish to be cared for in the event you become disabled and who can act on your behalf if you are unable. Setting up an estate plan can help your estate avoid probate and can make your passing less stressful on your family. You are never “too young” to create an estate plan. It is advised if you own significant property or have minor children that you do not postpone this important legal step. If you are looking for a competent estate planning attorney, G. Gene Thompson, Attorney at Law can assist you!
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