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Trusts in Estate Planning

Posted by Law Offices of Timothy D. Henry on Dec 9, 2013 2:02pm PST

Many different types of trusts exist which are part of the legal field of estate planning. These trusts have different purposes and names. They can be revocable or irrevocable, living trusts or testamentary trusts. The basic nature of a trust is that it is a document which gives someone the right to hold funds or property for the good of another. Any trust will basically consist of four elements, which are a grantor who creates it, a trustee who is designated by the grantor to hold the funds or the property for the benefit of others, property or funds which are held by the trustee, and beneficiaries of the trust who will be served by the whole operation of the trust, the grantor, and the trustee.

Living trusts are distinguished from testamentary tests by the fact that they become effective during the grantor's lifetime. This means that the grantor does not have to pass away in order for the trust to be made and put into operation. In living trusts, the grantor may be designated as the trustee or he or she may designate someone else to be the trustee. A testamentary trust is one that is created under a Last Will and Testament; this type of trust only becomes effective when the person who wrote and executed the Will dies. At that point, the Will goes through probate where it is validated and the testamentary trust made effective.

Revocable trusts are those which can be changed or revoked after being created. This means that any of the terms or provisions or the entire document can be changed or terminated. If the grantor forfeits this right, then the trust is an irrevocable trust.

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