Living Will

Persons who suffer from long-term illnesses or diseases are often saddled with the difficult decision of how to proceed with medical treatment. For some, this may mean creating a living will to establish how your conditions should be attended to by health care providers and medical officials. Debilitating accidents and degenerative diseases can result in incapacitation of some individuals. This means that there will be an inability to express one's desires. These situations call for a living will that can stipulate exactly how you wish to be treated in terms of medicines provided, food eaten, life-saving devices used, etc.

A probate attorney can advise you on how to create a living will and establish the directives you wish to be included in the document. Similar to a living trust, this document can be created and managed while you are alive, hence the name "living will." Some people prefer more pain relief medication than others; some people wish to be fed only real food and receive nothing through a tube. If you have specific wishes as to your medical treatment it will be very beneficial to express them in a written legal document such as a living will. In this way you can ensure that your needs and wishes are met even if you are unable to express them at the time they need to be put into effect.