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Medical Directives in Estate Planning

Posted by Haiman Law, PC on Dec 9, 2013 1:50pm PST

A medical directive consists of a statement of your instructions as to what medical or end-of-life actions or inactions you would wish to be taken on your behalf should you no longer be able to voice those instructions because of illness or incapacity. This document is also known by many other names, such as an advance health care directive or advance directive. These documents are often included in living wills along with a medical power of attorney in which an individual is named who will be responsible for making your medical decisions when you are unable to.

Medical directives have been created to handle the problem of increased medical intervention in cases where the patient's prognosis is terminal. Many individuals do not wish to have their lives prolonged through advanced medical equipment or treatments. The prolonging of life in terminal cases or cases of mental incapacity can be painful for the patient, extremely expensive, and emotionally traumatic for family members. These measures include such things as feeding tubes, ventilators, and more. To meet the needs of people regarding this issue, living wills were created and have grown in sophistication to include specific legal tools such as the medical directive and the medical power of attorney. These tools give you the ability to have your wishes and instructions spelled out so that they are followed when needed. A medical directive or medical power of attorney will not kick in until or unless you develop a terminal disease or condition or become mentally incompetent.

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No one wants to contemplate the situation of a terminal disease or mental incapacity, yet it is far smarter to plan ahead for such eventualities so that you and your family are protected. A medical directive is just one aspect of a sound estate plan which will put into place your wishes and instructions for all aspects of your estate and health care when it is needed. Ensuring that your assets and loved ones are protected can be accomplished through many legal tools with the help of a capable estate planning attorney.

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