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Estate Litigation in Virginia

Posted by Dennis E. Ahearn, Esq. on Nov 25, 2013 10:07am PST

When a person dies leaving behind assets, property, and an estate, the situation can lead to complications, problems, and disagreements between the surviving people involved. The individuals may not be able to come to an agreement about certain aspects of the will or the administration of the estate or may be in disagreement with one another over these issues. Disputes can occur which require prompt and effective handling. These disputes can occur in will contests, where the validity of the existing will is challenged, in disagreements over guardianships, or where breach of fiduciary duty has been alleged.

As an example, a will contest can arise when someone believes that the will was written with undue influence of another party pressuring the decedent or that the decedent was not of sound mind when he or she wrote or signed the will. A guardianship dispute can occur when someone believes that an appointed guardian is not fit or able to fully meet the needs of the child. Specific terms of the guardianship may also be disputed. A breach of fiduciary duty involves violations of trust by a person who is responsible for the assets or financial matters of another. The executor of an estate or the trustee of a trust who is accused of harming or attempting to harm a beneficiary due to misuse of his or her powers would be an example of breach of fiduciary duty.

All of the above estate matters could lead to litigation in court if they cannot be resolved in any other way. Having trusted legal counsel in such matters is critical to ensure that your legal rights are protected and a favorable outcome is achieved.

Estate Planning and Probate Lawyer in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Any dispute or disagreement which leads to courtroom litigation can be a stressful and uncertain experience. If you believe that your legal rights or benefits have been violated or if you have been accused of such violations, you will want sound legal advice from an experienced attorney. Resolving estate-related disputes and litigation is imperative to clearing the way for the estate to be fully settled.

That can be done with the help of Dennis E. Ahearn, Esq. Mr. Ahearn is a seasoned estate planning lawyer with close to four decades of experience. Based in Fredericksburg, he serves clients throughout Spotsylvania County with knowledgeable, skilled, and dedicated assistance. He has earned the highest peer-reviewed rating from Martindale-Hubbell, a national lawyers review service, which is AV Preeminent. He has held this rating since 1998. His satisfied clients have acknowledged him with recommendations and testimonials as to the excellence of his legal services. If you need help with any type of estate-related litigation, contact his offices as soon as possible to speak with him in a free, initial consultation.