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Widow Initiates $250 Million Estate Battle After Giving Up Her Adopted Child from China

Posted by Calloway, Norris, Burdette & Weber on Mar 7, 2013 9:56pm PST

This 55 year old widow decides that she can longer manage six children so she gives up her adopted Chinese daughter and then attempts to cut her out of the husband's $250 million estate.

Every now and then you hear those off the wall stories of estate battles regarding million dollar estates, but it is not too often that you hear about parents giving up the children that they had adopted just years prior. In a recent March article posted by the Daily News, an extreme story was reported where a 55 year old New York widow gave up her Chinese daughter, eight years after her adoption. Apparently this is not the first time, papers reveal that the widow had adopted a Chinese boy in May of 1997 after her husband died and then allegedly changed her mind after she brought him home to the states.

The widow shared the story of the adoption process in court, how her and her husband John decided to adopt and so they began visiting orphanages. It was just shortly after that he was diagnosed with lymphoma that eventually took his life. The wealthy widow then went on to say that adopting Emily may have been a mistake, but she felt that with a dying husband she felt the need to go through with it as planned.

After CS, the wealthy widow, put her daughter Emily back up for adoption, she then tried to cut her out of her deceased husband's estate that is worth $250 million. On top of the two adopted children from China, the widow also has five biological children of her own. CS is said to own at least 10 pristine island property estates throughout the Long Island area that she renovates in her spare time. This is the reason why she felt that she could not handle six children of top of maintaining her properties. Many of them however, just sit vacant through most of the year.

At the age of three, the widow claimed that the girl was developing behavioral problems and would sporadically start to pull on her hair, shake her head and begin moaning. She was then put on medication for attention deficit disorder (ADD). With five other children in the household, it was hard for the girl to cope only having one parent in the house. Now she can better adjust to being an only child in a family with two parents. Emily was given up by the wealthy widow in 2004 and has since found new loving adoptive parents who she can sit happily with at the dinner table every evening.

Since then, Emily has received medical examinations and the results came back that she in fact did not have anything wrong mentally and has been taken off the medication. The girl has also moved schools and is now on the honor roll at her new school. In regards to the wealthy widow's attempt to exclude the girl from the $250 million estate, the court recently denied the bid in appeals court.

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