Find the Right Probate Attorney for You

Building your estate plan involves a lot more than legal concerns, but can be an intensely personal process as well. Hiring an attorney that is not only skilled in the law but is also capable of representing your best interests beyond your death is very important. The first step in doing so is finding attorneys in your area that are both skilled in probate and estate planning.

Vetting a Probate Lawyer for Hiring

After you have made a list of lawyers in your area that you think may interest you to work with, set up consultations with all of them. Many lawyers will offer free consultations to allow you to get to know them and hear a little about what they can offer, so utilize this service. Make sure they know you are questioning a few different legal representatives to find the best fit and prevent them from pressuring you to release important information and documents before you are ready to.

Get a feel for the probate attorney by asking:

  • How many probate cases have you handled?
  • When did you begin practicing probate law?
  • What is your legal expertise in probate law?
  • Are you certified and licensed to practice?
  • How long does the probate process take?
  • Can you estimate the costs of probate?
  • How do you charge for your services?
  • Can legal interns and assistants handle some work at a lower rate?
  • Are you able to work with me to keep costs down?
  • Will you prepare the final tax returns of the deceased?

The biggest thing you will be looking for in a probate attorney is whether they are competent and capable of paying attention to detail and completing proper paperwork. Other important factors you should keep in mind include whether or not they are able to communicate properly and comfortably with you, and respect your efforts in educating yourself on the probate process.

Vetting lawyers before hiring them is especially important in probate. With family possessions and property on the line, you want to make sure that precautions are taken to ensure that the attorney you hire can navigate the complexities of the state while remaining sensitive and discreet of all of the family problems, disputes, and finances.

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