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Losing a loved one may be one of the more difficult things someone endures in their lifetime. The difficulties continue when the questions of estate administration and distribution are brought to the table. Probate for an estate with or without a will can be long, complicated and expensive and can be drawn out if one or more beneficiaries decide to contest the conditions of the will. During this difficult time, it is in a person’s best interest to seek sound legal counsel before, during and after probate to ensure that their rights and interests are protected. At Heban, Sommer & Murphree, LLC, helping individuals with their estate planning and administration needs is what the firm’s probate attorneys have dedicated their practice to.
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Heban, Sommer & Murphree, LLC is an Ohio legal practice serving the residents of Toledo, Wood and Lucas County in a wide range of legal needs. With more than 150 years of combined legal experience, the firm's team works daily to assist clients in building estate plans, contesting wills and surviving the probate process. The legal professionals at the firm also handle other types of cases including corporate disputes, breaches of fiduciary duty and establishment of guardianship. With experience and aggression, these Lucas probate lawyers handle each one of their cases with the same determination and passion to see the client walk away satisfied.

At Heban, Sommer & Murphree,LLC, the legal team firmly believes in the benefit of estate planning. When you have worked your entire life to build a life and legacy for your family, it would be a shame to see the future of that hard work left up to a court to decide. Instead of leaving the future unknown, you can plan for it now through a number of estate planning options and a probate attorney from Heban, Sommer & Murphree, LLC can help you build the right one for you. Whether it is through a will or a trust, you can outline how you want your estate to be distributed upon your passing and ensure that you remain in control of your assets even when you are no longer physically present.

When someone leaves behind a will or does not leave any document as to their wishes for the estate, the assets are forced through the probate process where a court will administer the estate according to the laws of the state or the person's will. Even without any disputes from beneficiaries, probate can still be a long and hard process. Protect your rights, your family relationships and your interests by seeking the representation of a Lucas probate attorney from Heban, Sommer & Murphree, LLC.

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