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Throughout the course of our lives, we each work hard to build a happy, comfortable home for ourselves and the people that depend on us. This hard work turns into what the legal and business world refers to our estate. A person’s estate is so much more than their house and property; an estate includes everything that person has worked to acquire and own. This emphasizes the importance of estate planning and developing a future-oriented mindset. Building an estate plan will help that person secure the future of their dependents and ensure that they remain in control of their assets even after they are gone. Apple Law Firm, PLLC is here to provide its clients with a reliable Duval County estate planning and probate attorney to help them build an estate plan and assist them through a number of legal matters.
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Apple Law Firm, PLLC is a Florida based law firm dedicated to providing its clients with a satisfactory and fulfilling experience regardless of what their legal matter is. With service in a number of civil and criminal legal disputes, Apple Law Firm, PLLC is built by attorneys who understand the needs and goals of their clients and have a passion to achieve those goals. These same lawyers have individually received recognition from prestigious legal organizations including Martindale-Hubbell®, Super Lawyers® and the Bar Registry of Preeminent Lawyers. Coming together and making a solid legal team, Apple Law Firm is an invaluable source of legal counsel for a wide range of needs.

The estate planning attorneys at Apple Law Firm, PLLC firmly believe in the importance and benefit of planning for whatever the future holds. Whether through a will or trust, clients can plan out their own future and the future of their assets according to their own needs and wants. Estate planning not only allows one to remain in control of their belongings and estate even after they pass on but also enables them to continue providing for their family by ensuring that each member is taken care of in their own special way.

The area of estate planning is not always as simple as it may seem. When someone dies either without any plans for their estate or with only a will remaining, their estate will require probate in order to be accounted for and distributed among beneficiaries. Probate is a court process that can be time-consuming and financially draining. Family members facing probate court can come to Apple Law Firm, PLLC and seek the representation of an experienced probate lawyer who will guide them through the process and stand up for their rights throughout the entirety of probate.

The Florida probate process can be a tricky process to undertake. What makes the process even worse is not knowing how to handle it. Apple Law Firm invites you to get a copy of our FREE Florida Probate Handbook today so that you can learn more information on the important duties and responsibilities that the probate process in Florida undertakes.

In addition to offering legal service in the area of estate planning and probate, Apple Law Firm, PLLC also handles cases in the area of criminal defense, family law, bankruptcy and much more. To learn more about the firm or to speak to one of the Duval County estate planning lawyers, call the office today!

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